Services/Capabilities Video Transcript

Philip Byrd: Here at bulldog we serve a variety of niches of the industry. We do flatbed truckload throughout the country ,we do heavy haul, moving goods that are heavy equipment. Energy related commodities, of all types and sizes.

Scott Stelling: In the specialized group, these guys are always analyzing routes, you know ahead of time. Permits by state, requirements for escorts, arranging escorts, arranging police escorts, and they do it seamlessly.

Philip Byrd: We do a tremendous amount of intermodal seaport work, both in the Ports of Charleston, Savannah and elsewhere in the Gulf and South Atlantic regions.

Scott Stelling: Bulldog Employee: Our intermodal drayage group manages about 65 trucks in and out of the Port of Charleston, multiple times, every day.

Philip Byrd: On any given day, we will literally move 500 plus container moves out of seaports here in the South Atlantic.

Scott Stelling: We began a warehousing division, the purpose of it is to be able to offer customers a solution to have cargos drayed off the port to a local warehouse, stripped, and put on a inland mode of transportation. Whether it’s our flatbed or a partner carrier’s van trailer.

Tyler Rose: You can pull 20 to 25 containers per week to our warehouse. We can handle 40s, 20s overweight, 40s, 20s open tops, 40 foot flat racks, 20 foot flat racks, anything over dimensional, anything that can be legally pulled outside of the port. we can handle it. Put it on the truck for a final delivery.

Scott Stelling: It benefits multiple operating arms and it gives the customer a one-stop shop with Bulldog, one point of contact from port to door. We continue to find ways to offer a one-stop shop type solution for our customers so we went and created a brokerage arm. These guys work very hard to grow a carrier base and to make sure that every opportunity is grabbed. We work as a team, if these trucks aren’t rolling, we’re limiting drivers ability to generate revenue and our mechanics are phenomenal. We’ve seen them take motors all the way down to the bones and rebuild them very quick time to get that truck back up and running. The trailer shop is is equally as important, trailers go behind tractors and if they’re down the truck’s down in some cases, they can take bent chassis and straighten them out They repair tires faster than Dale Earnhardt’s pit group.

Philip Byrd: So we have a full complement of transportation logistics services and we do them well and we do them safely.

Scott Stelling: Driver safety the motor and public around our driver’s safety so important, our CSA scores are the top levels in the industry.

Philip Byrd: We understand the important role that we play in the lives of our employees, the lives of our customers, and continees and the people that we serve in America delivering their every need, want, and desire, every day.