Careers Video Transcript

Philip Byrd: The unique thing about Bulldog Highway Express is we’re blend. We’re blend of senior employees that have a lot of institutional knowledge, a lot of experience, blended with an aggressive, young group of new employees. When I say new employees I’m talking about 10 years and under that blend together to make a powerful, powerful workforce.

Scott Stelling: We work as a team, that sounds so cliche, but it’s but it’s true. There isn’t anybody clawing to the top here, stepping on somebody to you know to wave a victory flag

Lonnie Blair: If I were recruiting someone to come to work for our company, that would be the things that I would highlight, would be that our integrity and our honesty and how we care for each  other.

Scott Stelling: We have the lowest driver turnover in the industry, from an industry average, Bulldogs at around 29%, which is great, which tells me that the health of the relationship between all parties involved internally, to the driver, is sound.

Clyde Palmer: I started at Bulldog in April 1976, 45 years. Bulldog is a family, it’s just like a family, everybody helps each other and the management they work with the drivers. And if the drivers got a complaint, they listen to them, you know it’s just a good company to work for

Cortney Callahan: When it comes to Bulldog, you know what you’re making, they have great pay, great benefits, great retirement, and they treat you like a human being.

Scott Stelling: We have great benefits from a 401k matching standpoint, to health insurance, and company life insurance. There’s incentives in in many many areas, driving into operations incentivizes them to to give it their all. And be able to reward them for that –  they’re treated well.

Clyde Palmer: And that’s why I’m still here, I mean 45 years and I’m still out here working so I mean something got to be real good about it. I just love love my job and love the people and just love it.

Philip Byrd: We offer an opportunity to be involved, to give input, to feel ownership.

Lonnie Blair: It’s the fact that you’re exposed to so many different things. Not only in the job that you originally were brought in for, but there’s so many opportunities outside of that.

Cortney Callahan: It’s fast-paced, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable, you’re getting paid to travel the country.

Clyde Palmer: It’s just like coming to work and enjoy what you’re doing.

Philip Byrd: We would truly love for you to come and be a part of our family, our company family, pray about it, consider it, and join us.