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Philip Byrd: Bulldog Highway Express has been a proud member of the trucking industry since 1959. Our mission is to be a part of the supply chain that delivers America’s goods every day. We understand that role, we accept a challenge, and we do so with the most incredible people in our company. Some 40 years ago, I joined RD in this initiative to grow and produce a very diverse trucking operation. I’ve seen a great evolution of this company from just a handful of trucks, less than 20, to over 200 trucks that we operate today. It’s been a great journey.

Scott Stelling: So we serve really any industry that has a need for truck deliveries whether it be in containers to a door at a depot hundreds of miles away or on a 13 axle tractor trailer. We primarily serve the automotive sector, the energy sector, and building materials, steel, as well.

Philip Byrd: You know at Bulldog we understand the fact that we don’t just make a delivery, but we make a difference in every American’s life every day because we’re
delivering anything from pharmaceutical commodities, to energy related commodities, to general commodities such as lumber, roofing, and metals. We also
know we make a difference in the lives of our employees, because our employees if you look at the average length of service in our company exceeds over 15 years.

Philip Byrd: And each team member does a fantastic job of working together to achieve a common goal – success for our customers, success for our drivers, which both of those are met then we have a successful company. Bulldog makes a difference by following through on what we say we’re going to do. We make a difference because our drivers are the best and safest in the industry.

Philip Byrd: We care about our customers, we care about our operations on America’s public highways, we care about our employees, their futures, and we care about their families. We come to work every day and we pray that God will give us safe travel, that he’ll watch over our future, and he’s done that. He’s never taken his hand off
this company and we are blessed because of that.